About Mayumi

Why I create art....

I‘ve always enjoyed working with my hands and blending imagination with those creations.   It started with  beaded jewelry, silver jewelry, ceramic art, sewing, then dyeing with mushrooms and knitting.  Fiber art was a natural progression.   It is really satisfying when what I had in mind comes out in reality.  I am attracted to what is not controllable, which is nature. 

Botanical printing is a mixture of all the interests I had in the past. Art, nature, walking while looking at flowers and plants.  Thanks to my teacher Monique Risch who taught me botanical printing, now I am obsessed with what comes out of the pot.  You can not re-create the print, as the fine tuning is all up to nature.  And this is what attracts me the most.  It’s always the sense of surprises and wonder that meets you at the end. 


Other sides of Mayumi



I love using clay to create day to day ware

Argentine Tango


I am an Argentine tango dancer, teacher and an organizer.


Silver and Onix

I work with silver and semi precious stones.